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If you are an organisational stakeholder or advocate with specialist knowledge about Victoria's adult custodial corrections system, we are keen to hear from you. Your insights into the workplace culture in the adult custodial corrections system and the experiences of people in custody will help shape the Review’s findings and recommendations.

Through the Review, we’ll be looking at a wide range of issues, including prevention and response to behavioural and cultural challenges, transforming the workplace culture in custodial settings, and ensuring people in custody do not experience discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation and bullying. The Review will also look at what kind of measures are available to provide appropriate and effective cultural support for Aboriginal staff and Aboriginal people in custody.


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Organisational submissions to the Review have now closed.

Before making your submission, please review the consultation paper below which poses key questions for organisational stakeholders and advocates to help shape your submission.

Privacy and confidentiality

Your privacy is one of our key concerns. The Review team has strong experience in the sensitive, careful management of issues around discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation, workplace bullying, human rights issues and criminal conduct.

There are some instances where the law requires us to disclose information under mandatory notification and reporting requirements. This may include information where you tell us about something that could substantiate a criminal offence where the alleged perpetrator is a current employee of DJCS; where information leads us to form a reasonable belief that a sexual offence has been committed against a child under the age of 16 years in Victoria; or where there is a reasonable suspicion of public sector corruption or misconduct.

Read IBAC’s overview of public sector misconduct

If you want to participate in the Review but are worried that your story might mean that we may have to disclose your information, you can participate in the anonymous survey or submit an anonymous submission. You can also contact us to talk about what your other options to participate might be.

We will collect, store and destroy all personal information in accordance with the information privacy principles contained in the Privacy and Data Protection Act and our obligations under the Public Records Act 1973.